Many Thanks to Our Partners & Supporters

We value our partners and supporters immensely! If you have enjoyed our classes, field trips, bubble parties, or fun events, please reach out and thank our supporters and partners!

Supporter Spotlight

Our supporters have helped us do a variety of uplifting work for our community through in-kind donations, chaperoning field trips, participating in fundraising events, and making direct financial contributions to our scholarship fund. With their help, we have given scholarships to local families in need and hosted fun community events like our bubble parties and spring celebration & egg hunt.

Karen A. & Tahir R. A.

Barry & Ginger B.

Sarah H. B. & Wil B.

Anna B.

Michele & Loren B.

Hannah B. & Meric M.

Aaron & Katie D.

Corey D.

Kay E.

Dale E.

Zack & Sarah H.

Kelly H. & Jeff P.

Autumn L. & Eric A.

Athena & Joe J.

Lindsay K.

Ben & Mekenzie K.

Thomas & Erica L.

Louie L.

Denyse M.

Ciara N.

Jaime & Justin P.

Amanda T. & Derek P.

Sam P.

Forrest & Melinda P.

Lori Q.

Jessica R.

Lindsay & Josh S.

Erica & Chris S.

Sarah and Ben S.

Heather S.

Brandy T.

Yuka & Jeremy V.

We Appreciate Our Partners

We enjoy collaborating with local leaders to provide engaging community events and impactful outdoor experiences. With the support of generous individuals, small businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations we have successfully touched the lives of hundreds of Lincoln County residents.

Sitka Springs Farm

From providing fresh produce for programs to hosting a restoration project on Beaver Creek (part of the Yaquina Watershed), Sitka Springs Farms are incredible partners!

Spring Community Celebration & Egg Hunt Partners

We hosted a Spring Celebration & Egg Hunt for the Community of Toledo in 2019. We brought tons of joy to local families with the help of many local partners.

Moondog Cantina

Michele & Loren B.

Toledo Public Library

Toledo Feed & Seed

Toledo Fire Department

Toledo Booster Club

Painted Rocks for Special Occasions — Michele & Loren B.

Toledo Public Library

We opened RECESS at the Toledo Public Library in 2018. Though we moved to Newport in 2021, we look forward to partnering with the library in the future to provide fun community events and library programs.

Our Lincoln County Community

to the many community members who have shared their spark of joy with us!

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