Youth Ocean Art Contest Judge’s Circle

Thank you for helping inspire kids to love the ocean, animals, and art!

Below you will find the art entries, separated into different categories and age groups. Each new section is marked by a green block that states the category and/or the age group.

You will select your top 3 favorites in each category.

Each art entry has its own unique number located in the upper left corner. To keep it fair and inclusive we have blocked out names on some entries.

Our hearts desire was to be as inclusive as possible so we tried a digital approach to our contest to include kids from out of town. It worked! We received entries from California, Georgia, and throughout Oregon. As a result, some photos are not high quality. We will request original copies from the winners so that we can get more clear images of the final artwork.

Please judge art on scientific accuracy, use of colors, shading, and other artistic techniques, and personal preference. Have Fun!