Art Contest & Beach Cleanup!!

Congratulations to Our Art Contest Winners!

We received WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING, and FUN art. Thank you for participating!!

One of our judges summed it up perfectly when she said, “Thank you for inviting me to be a judge for the Youth Ocean Art Contest. I had so much fun looking at these amazing works of art. Every youth contestant did an amazing job. Way to go ocean guardians and lovers! Keep up the good work. The ocean needs you!” Susan Rowe, OSU Precollege Programs.

Each art piece was assigned a number so that judges could select pieces based on artistic expression and scientific accuracy. Any visible names were blurred or digitally removed to protect anonymity and give everyone an equal chance to participate.

Every participant receives a prize!

Prizes will be available for pick up during our beach cleanup on Saturday, June 4th from 10-11 am @ the Nye Beach Turnaround in Newport, Oregon.

Those who were not selected as 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place winners are eligible for the viewer’s choice awards. Follow us on facebook to see the selection and vote for your favorite!

Drumroll Please…

Congrats to G, M, & E!

Congrats to O, D, & W!

Congrats to A, K, & G!

Congrats to A & A!

Congrats to K, G, & G!

Congrats to G, E, & K!

Join us Saturday, June 4 from 10-11 am for a Beach Cleanup & Prizes

Meet at the Nye Beach Turnaround in Newport, Oregon.

We encourage everyone to bring a container to collect trash in and their favorite beach clean up tools (i.e. grabbers, sifters, gloves, etc.).

Note: As a school we teach kids to point out the trash to teachers, but never touch it (one exception for the older kids being styrofoam after an adult has checked it first).

We are excited to introduce using grabbers as a safe way to pick up trash without directly handling it, but again, if you can reinforce having an adult check the trash first, to ensure it is safe, we would greatly appreciate that support!

Adults, please use your discretion. Do not pick up hazardous waste. Instead, take a picture of it and its location.

TIPS: Never turn your back to the ocean. Please use the bathroom before arrival. Dress for the weather and wear sturdy shoes. Eating snacks beforehand helps kids have the energy to stay engaged and energized! Arriving a few minutes early will give you time to find parking and get your kids in their rain gear and boots.

COVID POLICY: Masks are currently required. If you, or anyone in your household, or immediate contacts are sick, have active allergies, or have been exposed to someone who is sick in the last 14 days, please stay home.

Assumption of Risk Policy: Through participation you acknowledge and fully understand that certain elements of danger are inherent in the activities associated with a beach cleanup and bubble party. Through participation you agree to hold Recess Outdoor Adventures, LLC., it’s staff, owners, and partners harmless against personal injury, loss of life, and property damage. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.


Vanessa Clausing, Children & Teen Librarian, Newport Public Library

Consuelo Kammerer, Newport Chapter of Surfrider

Susan Rowe, Precollege Programs, Oregon State University

Sachiko Otsuki, Art History Faculty, Oregon Coast Community College

Sara Siggelkow, Arts Education Manager, Oregon Coast Council for the Arts and Newport’s Visual Art Center

Thank You to NOAA’s Ocean Guardian School Project!

UPDATE: DEADLINE EXTENDED to Tuesday, April 12, 2022. Please send your entries ASAP!!

Youth Ocean Art Contest

Download the Art Contest Packet including Official Rules, Entry Forms, and Release Waivers:

Local Students Seek Youth Art Contest Submissions

The Superhero Service Team, a student club formed by students of Recess Outdoor Adventure School, is hosting an Ocean Art Contest for youth. Art is a fun platform for kids to explore the outdoors, develop deeper passion for wildlife, practice communication skills, and help bring positive change to their community.

After seeing trash on their favorite beaches, students decided they wanted to help. They formed the Superhero Service Team, a student lead club. “After seeing their passion for helping, we applied to become an Ocean Guardian School through NOAA and to our delight, we were accepted!” said McKenzie Purdom, lead elementary teacher and owner. “Students cheered when they found out that the leaders in NOAA were willing to team up with them and help them achieve their dream.”

Art is a huge passion for many of Recess’ preschool and elementary students, so it was no surprise when students decided that they would like to host an art contest as a way to inspire people to take better care of the ocean. However, they didn’t stop there. Students also met to outline their plan for hosting a beach cleanup and discuss the potential barriers as to why some people might have a hard time with using reusable products. They all agreed that using products like reusable water bottles, reusable bags, metal straws, and compost bins can be a costly investment. They wanted to help reduce this cost so more people could help wildlife. With the help of NOAA’s Ocean Guardian School grant funds and several donations from local businesses, the students of Recess were able to purchase prizes for art contest winners and beach clean up participants.

Kids 17 & younger from around the world are invited to participate! Participants are encouraged to submit a total of three art pieces (1 per each category: Ocean Wildlife, Marine Habitats, and Superhero Service Helpers). The deadline to submit art is 5 pm Friday, April 8th, 2022. A packet with official rules, tips, and an entry form is found at 

Each art contest winner will receive a special prize for their participation and will have their art included on beach cleanup posters and prizes: water bottles, reusable bags, and t-shirts! Winners will be announced no later than April 30. Anyone with questions are welcome to reach out via email to

Superhero Service Team Accomplishments for 2021-2022:

During the winter of 2021-22 students were quick to notice that an abundance of styrofoam washed up on the beach in Newport. We worked as a school to collect as many styrofoam pieces as possible. From tiny particles as small as a pen dot to chunks bigger than their backpacks, students hauled it up from the beach and disposed of it in the trash.

In January 2022, Recess students and their families visited the Lincoln City Cultural Center’s art exhibit, Washed Ashore. Comprised of seven animal shaped sculptures made from marine debris, students excitedly explored the temporary outdoor exhibit, learning about plastic trash and rethinking of ways we can reduce plastic trash from entering the ocean. Leaving the center feeling inspired by the marine debris art, students and their families stopped at a local beach for a beach clean up, removing several bags of trash and collecting plastic for the Cultural Center’s upcoming marine debris sea star art piece. 

Though cleaning up marine debris for ocean animals was the initial focus, the Superhero Service Team has expanded to include helping terrestrial animals like butterflies and elk. In February 2022, Recess students and their families partnered with MidCoast Watershed Council, Lincoln County Soil & Water Conservation District, and OMSI to plant 180 native plants for the local elk and butterflies commonly seen in South Beach. Families also worked together to remove over 30 invasive plants, giving room for native ones to grow. 

Upcoming Opportunites for Recess Students:

This spring students are planning a community wide beach cleanup event with prizes for kids and adults. Stay Tuned for Details! 

Thompson’s Sanitary Service’s Public Information & Education Manager is planning a special visit to our school this spring to learn more about the waste we create and where it goes after it gets picked up. 

We are excited to go on a field trip to explore a local garden this spring and learn about where our fruits and veggies come from!

Contact Us! 

Recess Outdoor Adventure School

PO Box 1152

Waldport, OR 97394

Phone: (541) 272 – 9086


Download the Art Contest Packet including Official Rules, Entry Forms, and Release Waivers: